Family Photography & Children Photography Shoot Lagos Nigeria

Elite Studio Nigeria is a modern photo studio in Ikeja, Lagos equipped with ultra-modern photography equipment and staffed with skilful and experienced photographers. Elite Studio Nigeria specialises in professional family, groups and children photography shoots.

Even though family is everything, every family is unique, and that is why you want to take a family portrait that can be treasured for a lifetime. Even as your family grows, a family photography portrait helps to keep the memories from generations to generations. We will capture you and your family members in an environment that will showcase your unique characters, emotions, style, and family values. Whether it’s the celebration of a new arrival to the family, birthdays, anniversaries, special family celebration, family reunions, or a family portrait canvas for the walls, we have the expertise to add more joy and beauty to your day.

Whatever your family photography requirement is about, we can cater for you and deliver stunning images. Our photo studio located in Ikeja, Lagos has more than enough room for your family portrait, and our photographers are experienced in organising memorable family photo shoot.

If you want the shoot to take place at your house or a remote location, our photographers are ready to come and take the photographs at the location. Our utmost interest is to capture the spontaneous moments and sharing the joy of your happy family.

Why book a Family Photographer & Kids Photographer at Elite Studio Nigeria?

As we are knitted into one family or the other, we understand how to add personality to images. We will take group family photos as well as individual photos of each member of your family. We will bring the best out of your children so you can see another side of them that you haven’t seen before. When you see their photos in the nearest future, you would appreciate how they have grown so quick. Do not miss this opportunity of capturing your little ones as they grow.

Everybody is welcome for the family photography shoot – dad, mum, grandparents, grandchildren, children, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, family friends and more. We will tell the story as you want it!

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