Camera shyness is a personal trait which makes an individual avoid or dread having their picture taken – or avoid being recorded by video cameras. It varies in intensity, from one person to another, but it is common to people who are afraid of speaking publicly or performing in front of an audience. This post is going to provide you tips on the major causes of camera shyness and how to overcome it.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the likely causes of camera shyness.

Likely Causes of Camera Shyness

1. Thinking of Not Being Photogenic

People who think they are not photogenic, good-looking, or picturesque, sometimes have camera shyness. This is because they often appear different in photographs, which in most cases isn’t a true reflection of what they see in the mirror. If this happens repeatedly, these individuals sub-consciously avoid taking pictures by saying or thinking they are not photogenic. This is their own way of avoiding a damaged self-esteem.

2. Bad Photoshoot Experience

Having one’s photo taken by an amateur or inexperienced photographer can also damage one’s confidence, and subsequently lead to camera shyness. This is why it is advisable to get professional photographers to capture your images. Imagine you take a shot, and when the image comes out, your nose appears more prominent than other parts of your face, and your body appears fatter. No one would like such images of his or her self. Such images can be patronising, thereby making you less confident working with such photographer again.

3. Lack of Personal Confidence

There are times when individuals may perceive themselves as having some physical flaws and may not be willing to expose such flaws in pictures. These individuals result to keeping a low profile to prevent their pictures from being taken.

Other causes of camera shyness in people include the fear of their pictures being available freely on the internet and social media, defamation, inability to fully withdraw consent of images already taken, and not wanting to keep memories.

Now that we have identified the likely causes of camera shyeness, let’s take a look at how to overcome camera shyness and become confident in front of camera.

How to Become Confident in front of Camera

There is currently no scientifically backed guide that provides tips on how to become confident on camera. However, from experience, people have been able to overcome camera shyness by following these tips:

1. Addressing Camera Shyness Mentally

  • Identifying the basic reasons of what fuels your shyness will help you identify ways to overcome it. Reasons may be because you do not like the way you look or appear or maybe there is a particular feature you wouldn’t like to expose. Once the reasons are known, then it starts getting easier to overcome.
  • Exhibit some relaxation technique. If you know in advance that you are going to be in front of a camera, try a deep breathing cycle and relaxation technique to help manage the stress. Listening to your favourite music and dancing around before a photo shoot is advisable.
  • Make yourself comfortable during the shoot, avoid emulating a trendy pose, which won’t make you relaxed, natural and comfortable. Try different poses to that showcases you. Having a photo shoot themed “shy and brave” could be a stepping stone to discovering your gift.

2. Practising for the Camera

  • Do a different kind of freestyle pose in front of the mirror before going on a shoot; this will get you prepared and could make you comfortable during the shoot.
  • Dress to your taste, practise taking selfie photograph with your phone camera alongside with suitable props like a hat, wristwatch, scarf, chair, and also from different angles of view. With this, you can get as many shots as you can until you discover your best pose and angle.

3. Getting in front of the Camera

  • Develop a good relationship with the camera person “photographer”, and have a good flow before going on a photo shoot. With this, your weak point could be figured out and overcome. You can also relay your reserved nature to the photographer which then helps the photographer to be part of your journey.
  • Go with friends or any loved one that can make you lively and free in front of the Doing this would help you not be at the centre of attention all the time.

As it has been stated above, there are currently no scientifically backed guides on how to become confident on camera. However, following the tips we have provided would help you overcome camera shyness. Contact Elite Studio Nigeria for experienced photographers who can make the best out of every shoot.

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