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At Elite Studio Nigeria, we love a happy ending and a beautiful love story. Just like your wedding, a pre-wedding shoot is mostly a once in a lifetime moment, which is why we love to capture those beautiful moments before the wedding – the proposal, engagement, and celebration of your journey together.

Pre-wedding photography is not just about posing and smiling, but it’s an opportunity to create a story of love, togetherness, romance and friendship. We will help you tell your story and create long-lasting memories creatively and excitingly. We tend to create images that are inspired by personality, story, challenges and success.

We recommend couples to book their pre-wedding photoshoot 1 to 3 months before the wedding day. Our style of couples’ engagement photography is relaxed and natural. Our pre-wedding photographers shoot pre-wedding photos in a studio and/or at an outdoor location where we can make use of nature, nice scenery and the environment to compose the best shots.

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We have excellent wedding photographers who are friendly, creative, professional, and will make your pre-wedding shoot enjoyable and memorable.


Why Book Elite Studio Nigeria For Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

At Elite Studio Nigeria, we excel at shooting couples, engagements and weddings. We have experienced and professional wedding photographers who can create the perfect pre-wedding images using modern equipment, natural and studio lightings where required. These images can be used on invitation cards, backdrops, wall frames and on the front cover of your wedding photo album.

The pre-wedding shoot also serves as an opportunity for us to discover your best angles, poses and positions which helps us to capture even more outstanding photos on your wedding day. Furthermore, the pre-wedding shoot can also serve as a trial photo session for the couples to make them prepare for their big day, get to know our photographers and have a feel of our shooting style.

Our pre-wedding photos have the wow factor that will give you excitement, goosebumps and lasting memories. If you are after quality and awesome images, then hire Elite Studio Nigeria for your pre-wedding and wedding photography.

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