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Elite Studio Nigeria is a modern photo studio in Ikeja, Lagos equipped with ultra-modern photography equipment and staffed with skilful and experienced photographers. Elite Studio Nigeria specialises in professional product, packshot and ecommerce photography shoots.

Images are important sales-driving factors for online stores and local businesses. No matter how captivating the description of your product is, potential buyers will not be convinced to buy your products if there are no images, or if the images are not compelling enough. It is worth saying that a good image of a product eliminates your customers’ paint point and speaks louder than hundreds of product-descriptive words.

Product and Ecommerce photography give your audience and potential buyers the opportunity to see high-resolution images of your products in a way that they can zoom in and out to see the fine details of the products. Our product and ecommerce photography service is what every business needs to connect with their potential buyers and customers – we make it easier for your buyers to add your products to their shopping cart and hit the checkout.

Why book a Product Photographer & Ecommerce Photographer at Elite Studio Nigeria?

Elite Studio Nigeria produces top-quality product and ecommerce photography for retailers and businesses of all sizes across several industry sectors. Our experienced product and ecommerce photographers are up to the task of converting your shooting briefs, workflow and requirements to striking and high quality images. Our process is efficient, thorough and scalable which allows us to attain a quick project delivery an affordable cost.

Our photographer can come to your store, warehouse or location for the products and ecommerce shoot. We can also shoot your products in our modern studio in Lagos Nigeria. If required, we can remove or change the background of captured images as well as professionally edit/retouch the images to make them more compelling and sensational. The final images are delivered in a high-quality format – sharp and clear. We can further compress your final images (without losing clarity and quality) for upload on websites, onlines stores, apps, social media and more.

We cater for all types of product, packshot and ecommerce shoots – food, still life products, apparels, fashion items and accessories, beauty & health products, perfumes, furnitures, home accessories, small and large equipment, agricultural produce, automobiles, invisible mannequin; just name it – we can shoot it. We can work with young, adult, male, female, and kids model.

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