Digital Photography Apprenticeship Training Program Lagos Nigeria

At Elite Studio Nigeria, we know how difficult it could be to gather hands-on photography skills from an established professional photographer. This is why we have created an apprenticeship program for amateur or beginner photographers, and photography enthusiasts who want to kick-start their professional photography career. If you want to improve your photography skills, Elite Studio Nigeria Apprenticeship program is for you.

Elite Studio Nigeria is keen on supporting passionate amateur photographers who are looking to improve their skills and get first-hand knowledge of photography. Our intensive apprenticeship programme is open to everyone, but it is based on a first come, first serve basis.

When you enrol for our 3-Month apprenticeship program, you will have the benefit of shadowing our in-house photographer and image editor on a daily basis. They will provide you with both theoretical, practical and post-processing skills required to become a professional photographer. They will be your go-to people for regular advice and support. You might also have an international photographer monitoring your development and giving you tips and assignments to help you become a better photographer.

Benefits of joining Elite Studio Nigeria Apprenticeship Program:

– Undergo our Digital Photography Training for Beginners at no extra cost

– Work in a live studio where you meet new clients every day, develop communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills

– Learn from an experienced photographer and image editor with several years’ experience in the industry

– Opportunity to build your portfolio under supervision

– Learn still, maternity, family, corporate, events, food, fashion, 360-degree photography and many more. We will guide you in choosing a genre of photography to major on.

– Learn to work and collaborate with makeup artists, photography director, producer, videographer, and other photographers

– Learn how to use cameras, lenses, flashes, strobes, flash meter and other photography equipmentLearn how to edit and post-process images

– Learn positing techniques

– Bi-Weekly assignments and feedbacks

– Get help with the best camera and lenses to invest

– Be equipped with the best digital marketing strategy to take your photography business to the next level

Apprenticeship Programs:

Program 1: We offer 2 months apprenticeship program which includes introduction to digital photography, studio photography, knowing your photography equipment, lighting, composition, studio and on-location shoot.

Program 2: We offer 3 months apprenticeship program which includes photo retouching and editing, in addition to our 2 months apprenticeship.

Program 3: We also offer an all-in-one 4 months apprenticeship program which includes multi-channel digital marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, and more) in addition to Program 1 and 2.

Standard Apprenticeship Cost: ₦125,000 (Program 1 – 2-Months Duration); ₦160,000 (Program 2 – 3-Months Duration); ₦250,000 (Program 3 – 4-Months Duration).

Fast-Track Apprenticeship Cost: ₦150,000 (Program 1 – 4-Weeks Duration); ₦180,000 (Program 2 – 2-Months Duration); ₦300,000 (Program 3 – 3-Months Duration).

Please Note:

– Your apprenticeship fee does not cover any expenses incurred during your apprenticeship program. This is not limited to travel fare, accommodation expenses, stationeries or photography kit cost.

– Whichever duration or program you choose, you will be equipped with the training required to become a professional photographer.

– You can commence your photography apprenticeship training program at any time, but we do recommend the beginning and middle of the month for a training start date.

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A few images shot by our apprentices while on training:

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