Photography Mentorship Program

We offer a one to one photography mentorship program on a one week workshop or 3-month advanced mentorship program. Our photography mentorship program offers a one to one mentorship session, and it is for anyone who needs tailored advice on how to become a pro photographer and run a successful photography business. Our photography mentorship is a way to develop your photography skills and business development skills. It also provides the opportunity to get to know our photographers.

Our mentorship program starts with an extensive assessment of your needs, challenges and expectations, and we then develop a bespoke work plan to help you achieve your objectives. Our advanced mentorship program is a more comprehensive program which offers insight into photography techniques, post-processing of images, working practice, and how to monetise photography.

What our One Week Photography Mentorship Program Includes:

  • Attend our Digital Photography for Beginners course for free
  • Help to develop your style of photography
  • Improve your post-processing skills
  • Participate in studio shoots (and outdoor shoots where possible)
  • Continued critiques of images
  • Building and reviewing portfolios
  • Help with creating social media pages and boosting followers
  • Help with drafting pricing structure, contracts, model release form and more
  • Telephone and email support throughout the program
  • Business strategy, marketing, and advertisement
  • Help with buying photography equipment
  • Organise a model shoot (male and female)
  • Any question relating to photography will be answered

Duration: 1 Week

Cost: ₦150,000.00

What our Advanced Photography Mentorship Includes:

  • Everything listed under our one week photography mentorship program
  • Corporate Branding (Logo Design, Letterhead, Invoice, and Receipt)
  • 5 Page Responsive Website Design
  • Workflow and data management
  • Recruiting Studio Photographers (Job Description, Remuneration, and Employment Contracts)
  • Help with portfolio printing and showcasing
  • Studio and online development meetings
  • 1-day training with a specialist partner photographer (depending on availability)
  • Digital marketing advice
  • Continued access to our expert advice even after the mentorship program

Duration: 3 Months

Cost: ₦750,000.00 (if paid in full) or ₦900,000.00 (3 monthly installment of ₦300,000.00)

We will help you to make the most of your time and investment. We can also accommodate two people booking the course together if their priorities and expectations are similar, but at an extra cost.

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