Passport Photo Requirements for South Africa Visa in Nigeria

South Africa is home to a lot of Africans, and at the same time, it’s also a dream country to a lot of Africans, especially countries like Nigeria. From the Kruger Park, to the Table Mountain, to Johannesburg, to the Cradle of HumanKind, and to the Palace of the Lost City or otherwise called Sun City, you can never run out of reasons to visit South Africa. Unfortunately, visiting other countries (like South Africa) don’t just happen like wishes. There are a set of conditions that need to be followed and adhered to before visiting another country, one of which is the requirement for a visa. Travelling without a visa to another country with a controlled border is impossible, which is why you have to get a visa to travel to South Africa from Nigeria.

As easy as it might sound, a good percentage of visas gets declined or rejected because of passports photos not meeting the requirements. Hence, you require the service of a professional photo studio in Nigeria to get things right at first.

South Africa Visa Photo Specifications

Passport Photo Requirements for South Africa Visa in Nigeria

  • Visa Photo Size: With: 35mm (3.5cm), Height: 45mm (4.5cm)
  • Resolution (dpi): 600
  • Image definition parameters: Head height; 34.5mm (including the hair), Distance from the top of the photo to the top of the hair: 3mm
  • Photo colour: Must be in colour
  • Glasses: You can use your daily reading glasses
  • Headgear: No
  • Facial Expression: Eyes open and Neutral expression only. (No frowning, no pouting, mouth closed, no smiling)
  • Background: White Background
  • Head size and position: The entire face should show and it should be centred
  • Recency: 6 months
  • Quantity needed: Two (2) passport photographs

South Africa Visa Photo Guidelines

It is imperative that the requirements above are followed. Furthermore,

  • You should know that all the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) wants to see is a clear picture of your face
  • Both passport photos should be printed on quality photographic paper with all copies being identical
  • The photos should neither be creased nor damaged
  • You are not allowed to cover your face for any reason. However, if your religion directs you to, you may cover your hair and your face, chin and the forehead should be clearly visible
  • It is advised that you should be looking directly at the camera, no styles with a clear background

South Africa Visa Photo Specifications for Babies, Toddlers, Newborns

On the occasion that you are travelling with your baby, some set of requirements also needs to be followed:

  • The background has to be white
  • For a very young baby, you can lay him/her in their car seat baby seats then take the photo there
  • Make sure the baby’s eye is open

Further Tips: Try to take as many photos as possible so you can have a lot of options to choose from.


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